Conversations that Count

In this new podcast series, Thrive hosts meaningful conversations with thought leaders about how we build thriving communities.

Episode 3 Graphic

Episode 3, Emphasizing Equity in Economic Mobility

In this episode of the Thriving Voices podcast, Andrew talks with Chuck Bean, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) to discuss how COG prioritizes and plans for important issues like the environment, transportation and public safety for the Metropolitan Washington area.

Thriving Voices Episode 2 Graphic

Episode 2, Changing Public Childcare Policy with Michelle McCready

Do you struggle to cover the cost of your childcare? Do you provide childcare services and find yourself struggling to keep your business open? Childcare, as an industry in America, is woefully under-invested in.

Episode 1, Alicia Jones McLeod

Episode 1, How Challenging Racism Creates Thriving Communities with Alicia Jones McLeod

In the inaugural episode of the Thriving Voices podcast, Andrew talks with Alicia Jones McLeod, Executive Director of Challenging Racism, to discuss how Challenging Racism provides the tools and resources necessary to those who want to disrupt racism in their communities.