Arlington Thrive has grown with our community through generations, ensuring we create pathways to success and brighter futures for each of our neighbors needing support. Through our programs that have started with Arlington Thrive, like our Community Resilience Program, and the programs that have become integral along the way, like our Early Childhood and Community Navigator programs, our impact has been felt across the county, made possible by neighbors supporting neighbors. Read their stories: 

Community Resilience and Community Navigator 


“Thank you for all the compassion and support for my daughter and me. You helped me feel confident during a difficult time. Gracias por todo!” 

Ruby, a phenomenal mom, began her dental care at AFC in summer 2023. At 44 years old, she had never accessed dental care—a common experience for AFC patients. Her treatment plan addressed gum disease and related health issues, including deep cleanings, extractions, a root canal, and a crown. Recently, Ruby faced challenges—losing her job and housing. She missed an appointment, something unprecedented for her. With Thrive’s support, AFC ensured she could complete her care. Ruby’s restored front teeth boosted her confidence, enabling her to pursue employment opportunities she hadn’t considered before. Despite limitations, our impact on patients like Ruby is significant.  

Early Childcare 


We are inspired by the resilience and determination of clients like Eva, who overcame significant challenges with our support. When Eva was referred to our childcare program by a DHS childcare specialist, she faced numerous obstacles, including long bus rides with her two children to and from their current childcare center. Eva also expressed concerns about her youngest child’s developmental needs and hoped to find a center with more resources. Thanks to our partnership with high-quality childcare providers and enrollment fee coverage, Thrive was able to place Eva’s children at a nearby center within walking distance of their home. Eva was thrilled to report that her children have adapted well to their new center, and her youngest child even spoke at school for the first time since joining. We are honored to have played a part in Eva’s journey towards a better life for her family and grateful to our donors for making stories like hers possible. Eva is a true hero, and we are proud to support her and others like her in our community 

Community Resilience and Community Navigator 


“Things get done with Thrive.” 

Ed’s story is a powerful reminder of how essential organizations like Arlington Thrive are for bringing meaningful change to people’s lives. For nearly 2 years, Ed had been trying to get the help he needed without success. However, with the support of Arlington Thrive, he was provided resources to get a much-needed eye exam and glasses. He was also given support to help manage his bipolar disorder, lung problems, substance use, vision impairment, and other health conditions. Now, thanks to the compassion dedication, and unique support of Arlington Thrive’s team of fully qualified social workers, Ed is able to do the things he needs to do on a daily basis. He is thankful for the difference Thrive has made in his life and is now able to live a more productive, independent life.  

Each of our clients deserves care, support, and the opportunity to thrive. You can be a part of their journey by becoming a neighbor – build a brighter future today!