Thrive Community Initiatives:

Preschool childrenAffordable ChildCare Initiative 

Access to affordable childcare is essential for building thriving communities. Arlington Thrive understands this and has taken the initiative to provide families with the resources and support they need. By hiring its first-ever Child Care Coordinator in partnership with Arlington County, Thrive is helping families reduce the cost of childcare and access subsidies that can be used to pay for childcare. The Coordinator provides families with childcare resources using donor funding, networks of providers, support from other nonprofits, and assists families with completing subsidy paperwork. The Coordinator also problem-solves around other barriers to accepting the subsidy to expand the supply of Arlington’s affordable childcare. 

In addition to the Child Care Coordinator, Thrive has also been conducting extensive interviews with county and nationwide experts to determine how childcare access can be expanded.  As a key convener, Thrive has been highlighting successful childcare models from around the country and engaging community stakeholders to find solutions for all of Arlington’s families. With generous support from our donors, Thrive is committed to helping families access the affordable childcare they need to thrive in our community.

Arlington InterFaith Network 

In recognition of the long history of faith-based organizations in assisting those in need in our community, Arlington Thrive facilitates the activities of the Arlington Interfaith Network (AIN) to convene people of diverse faiths for the spiritual well-being and the common good of Arlington. AIN is governed by a steering committee of clergy, local leaders, and Thrive staff, and funded by private donations, Arlington Thrive, and various faith organizations. The AIN has four elements of its mission. Firstly, to network and share fellowship with one another.

Secondly, to learn and grow from one another. Thirdly, to speak together as a united voice on core values, issues, and events happening in the community and world. Finally, to learn from the community and to share with all congregations.

Case Management Program

In response to COVID-19, the rapid increase in demand for our services has led us to hire a robust case management team  Our team of six case managers, including multiple Master’s of Social Work, allows us to work directly with clients to address complex issues and to better gauge the effectiveness of our programs. These case managers work to support Arlington County and our nonprofit partners.

The goal of our case management team is to provide emergency financial assistance that prevents our clients from experiencing the devastating, long-term effects of eviction, homelessness, hunger, and untreated medical conditions. Once we’ve helped our clients avert a financial crisis, our case managers refer clients to any programs or services that might help them build long-term stability.