Community Resilience Fund 

These limited funds can be used to address urgent needs, such as rent, utilities, and critical medical expenses. By offering immediate relief, we strive to nurture community resilience in the face of adversity. 

One Time Emergency Assistance for Individuals 

The Arlington Thrive Community Resilience Fund serves as a crucial lifeline for individuals and families experiencing severe hardships in Arlington. This essential one-time emergency support can be used to address a wide spectrum of urgent needs, including rent, utilities, and critical medical and dental expenses. By providing immediate relief, we aim to foster community resilience in the face of challenging circumstances. 

The Community Resilience Fund is open for the month until funds are exhausted and will reopen the following month. You must hold your request until the following month.  

Please note that we only provide assistance directly to vendors (landlords, utility companies, etc). 

Request One Time Assistance


Arlington Thrive’s Community Resilience Fund extends its support to nonprofit partners in the community who often lack the resources to fully serve their clients. We are committed to collaborating with these organizations to provide emergency relief and lasting solutions for our neighbors in need. Through our partner case managers, Arlington Thrive addresses a wide spectrum of urgent needs, including rent or security deposits, utilities, birth certificates, car repairs, dental care, driver’s licenses and IDs, eye exams and eyeglasses, medical expenses, moving assistance (available only for seniors and physically disabled individuals), generic prescriptions when possible, storage needs, tools for employment, and specialty-sized clothing or work uniforms. 

Partners can request funds on a first come, first served basis by accessing the request portal and completing the Fund Request form.  

If you are a non-profit organization looking to become a Thrive Partner, please email