At Arlington Thrive, we believe in the power of community—to uplift, support, and nourish individuals on their journey towards empowerment and well-being. On March 9, we had the privilege of hosting Meals to Thrive On: Savoring Community, alongside our partners at Breadcoin, Arlington County Department of Human Services, Kitchen of Purpose, and Arlington Presbyterian Church, where 35 attendees came together to celebrate the spirit of unity and connection that defines our organization.

The essence of Meals to Thrive On was simple: to bring people together over a shared experience, fostering connections, and building nutrition literacy to promote healthy habits. The event was not just about the food—it was about nourishing both body and mind.  

After the cooking demonstration, attendees had the opportunity to connect with our Community Navigator. Along with a list of resources, attendees walked away with newfound excitement for a new recipe, Breadcoin, and a Giant gift card. Due to this event’s success, we are now in the process of planning our next Meals To Thrive On, opening the doors to new experiences to the community, while accessing necessary resources to thrive.