BrendanBrendan is an inspiring example of the power of resilience. Despite the physical and emotional toll of his recent HIV diagnosis, Brendan never lost hope. With the support of our team of caring social workers, he was able to obtain the emergency assistance he needed so he could focus on his health and getting back on his feet.

Thanks to your generosity, Arlington Thrive was able to provide Brendan with the emergency financial assistance and emotional support he required to get through a difficult time. Our professional social work team is helping him reach his goals and achieve the stability he needs to manage his condition.

Now that Brendan’s health has stabilized, he has been referred to the Arlington Employment Center, which is improving his job prospects. He is applying for various jobs and is well on his way to financial independence.

Brendan’s story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of your donations to make a difference in people’s lives. Despite the challenges he has faced, Brendan is determined to persevere and has never given up. His courage and determination in the face of adversity serve as a source of inspiration to us all. We are proud to have been able to help him on his journey and are glad he is now looking forward to a brighter future.

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