RaquelMarch is National Social Work Month, and this year’s theme, “Social Work Breaks Barriers,” is a call to action for social workers and philanthropists everywhere to continue their work of empowering individuals and communities to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential. At Arlington Thrive, we see this theme in action every day through the stories of clients like Raquel.

Raquel is a remarkable example of someone who is committed to making a change in her life. She is searching for a job that can pay her more than her current situation, but her lack of English language skills is holding her back. Fortunately, Raquel reached out to a social worker at Arlington Thrive. Our caring team connected her to the Arlington Employment Center and Ceneas, a program that provides language and job training services to individuals in our community.

Ceneas is helping Raquel learn to read and write in Spanish, learn English as a second language, and even prepare for her GED. With the support of our social work team and the resources provided by Ceneas, Raquel is now on a path to acquiring the skills she needs to find a job she is passionate about and one that will provide a better life for her.

Raquel’s story is a testament to the importance of social work in breaking down barriers and providing individuals with the resources they need to succeed. At Arlington Thrive, our social workers provide clients with more than just a check. We also provide counseling, connections to additional resources, and empowerment to achieve financial stability and thrive in our community.

During National Social Work Month, we celebrate our social work team and all social workers who work tirelessly to empower individuals and communities to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential. Your generosity allows us to work alongside our clients as they navigate life’s challenges. Join us in celebrating National Social Work Month and the incredible work that social workers do to break down barriers and create a brighter future for all.