Opening Doors Through Quality Childcare

Childcare worker with infantsHigh-quality early childhood education is one of the most important investments we can make as a society. As Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman stated, “It stimulates cognitive skills along with attentiveness, motivation, self-control and sociability. The very capabilities that underlie success in school and life.” Yet for many low-income families, access to affordable, high-quality childcare remains out of reach.

With quality childcare setting the foundation, we can empower parents to pursue education, secure living-wage jobs, and achieve their full potential. Because when parents thrive, families and communities thrive too.

Arlington Thrive’s Holistic Approach

At Arlington Thrive, we understand that quality, affordable childcare is just one piece of the puzzle for families working to achieve economic mobility. That’s why we take a holistic, whole-family approach in our mission to empower and uplift our community.

Our wraparound services go beyond childcare to provide families with the tools they need to build bridges to success. This includes access to affordable housing assistance, emergency financial assistance, upskilling programs, and more. We also offer personalized coaching to help families set and achieve both short and long-term goals across all aspects of their lives.

Our childcare services are fully integrated into this whole-family framework. With the help of our dedicated Childcare Coordinator, we not only assist families with finding and enrolling in appropriate, subsidized childcare programs, but we provide ongoing support and guidance. This ensures that quality childcare is a stable foundation from which our families can continue building better lives.

Fee Assistance

The high costs associated with quality childcare often pose a significant barrier for families in need. That’s why we provide assistance covering enrollment fees, deposits, and other upfront expenses required by partnered childcare centers and in-home care providers. This crucial funding enables parents to secure spots for their children at exceptional facilities chosen based on each family’s unique needs and preferences.

With the help of our generous donors, we’re able to make these vital payments on behalf of families who otherwise couldn’t afford the initial investment. This allows parents to focus on their career goals and children’s development, rather than worrying about paying non-refundable fees. Our assistance alleviates the financial stress during an already emotionally taxing time as parents make major childcare decisions.

Zara’s Story: Childcare Opens Door to Stability

Zara and her babyWe recently had the privilege of helping Zara, a single immigrant mother of seven, who was facing eviction. This caring mother found herself in a dire situation, struggling to make ends meet and provide stability for her young children.

With eviction looming, Zara reached out to Arlington Thrive. We are proud to have been able to help her secure her home and refer her to Thrive’s Childcare Coordinator. With the Coordinator’s patient guidance and expertise, Zara was able to find a subsidized, Spanish-speaking childcare program near her home for her infant within 60 days.

This allowed Zara to start a new job on her infant’s first day in the program, providing her with a bridge to financial stability and a chance to get back on her feet. We are thankful for our generous donors who make it possible for us to provide this type of hands-on assistance to families like Zara’s when they need it most, and make a real difference in their lives.

Isioma: Empowered to Succeed as a Working Mom

Isioma and her babyAs a single mother who recently gave birth to her second child, Isioma faced significant challenges in sustaining her job in the healthcare industry. However, with the help of our community navigator and childcare programs, Isioma was able to find high-quality care for her infant at a partnered center only 10 minutes away from her home. The affordable rate, made possible by our subsidy assistance, allowed Isioma to enroll her child at the end of her maternity leave. With her infant in a nurturing environment close to home, Isioma can now re-focus her energy on pursuing her career goals in the medical field with confidence and peace of mind. We are proud to support working moms like Isioma, helping them bridge the gap between family and career goals. Stories like Isioma’s inspire us, and we are grateful to our donors for making our programs and services possible for families across Arlington County.

Eva’s Story: Quality Childcare for Thriving Kids

Eva and her sonEva came to our childcare program on a referral from a DHS childcare specialist. As a single mother of two young children, Eva faced long bus commutes each day to and from their childcare center. But even more concerning, Eva worried that her youngest child’s developmental needs were not being adequately met at the center. She hoped to find a higher quality provider closer to home that offered more developmental resources.

Thanks to our partnerships, we were able to place Eva’s children at an excellent facility within easy walking distance of their home. The new center had a nurturing environment and specialized resources to support Eva’s youngest child’s continued development.

Eva was thrilled to report that both of her children have adapted beautifully to the new childcare center. In fact, her youngest child spoke at school for the first time since joining the program! We are inspired by Eva’s journey and proud to have contributed to better care and new opportunities for her children to learn and thrive.


We are proud to support the heroes in our community who work so hard to create a better life for their children. Arlington Thrive aims to be the architect of family success from the ground up. From securing shelter to finding sustainable employment, our comprehensive programs uplift clients step-by-step. We are deeply grateful to our donors for making stories of growth and resilience like Zara’s, Isioma’s, and Eva’s possible. Together, we can continue building bridges that empower Arlington families to thrive.

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