Daycare provider engaging toddlersChildhood is a critical time that shapes overall well-being and determines future prospects. During Children’s Awareness Month we are focusing on our childcare program which supports high-quality early education for young children in low-income families. Together, let’s empower families, unlock opportunities, and make a lasting difference in children’s lives.


Welcome to Arlington Thrive’s Childcare Campaign! In this article, we will highlight the crucial role our Childcare Coordinator, Javairia Henry, plays in supporting low-income families in Arlington, Virginia. We’ll delve into the challenges faced by these families and how Arlington Thrive’s program bridges the gap, enabling parents to work and provide for their loved ones. Please join us in empowering families through accessible and affordable childcare.

The Role of the Childcare Coordinator

QR code to donate nowAt Arlington Thrive, our Childcare Coordinator helps transform the lives of low-income families. She assists childcare providers through the process of accepting subsidies and creating affordable childcare slots for families in need. Additionally, Ms. Henry helps families navigate the paperwork required for childcare subsidy eligibility, ensuring they receive the support they need. By understanding families’ linguistic, location, and scheduling needs, she effectively matches them with suitable providers, ensuring accessibility and reliability in their childcare options.

Bridging the Financial Gap

A significant challenge faced by many low-income parents is the financial burden associated with childcare. Thrive donor funds play a crucial role in bridging this gap. These funds cover fees that are not covered by the childcare subsidy, making quality childcare accessible to families without imposing additional financial strain. By supporting Arlington Thrive’s Childcare Coordinator and contributing to Thrive, you become a catalyst for positive change, enabling parents to work, pursue education, and provide stability for their families.

Ensuring Accessibility and Reliability

Accessible and reliable childcare is vital for low-income families to thrive. Our Childcare Coordinator takes great care in matching families with providers that meet their unique needs. Whether it’s language requirements, convenient locations, or suitable schedules, Ms. Henry strives to ensure families have access to quality care that fits their circumstances. By supporting this campaign and spreading awareness about the impact of accessible childcare, you can help us create a community where all families thrive.

Empowering Working Parents

Affordable and reliable childcare empowers parents to build stable futures for their families. With the support of Arlington Thrive’s Childcare Coordinator, parents can secure employment, enhance their financial stability, and create a brighter future for their children. By championing this cause and spreading awareness about the impact of accessible childcare, you can help us create a community where all families thrive.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Are you ready to join us in supporting low-income families and addressing the shortage of affordable childcare in Arlington, Virginia? Here’s how you can help:

1. Donate: Contribute to Thrive and help us bridge the financial gap for families in need.
2. Spread the Word: Share this blog post and our campaign on social media platforms, engaging your community in this important cause.

Together, we can unlock opportunities for low-income families, ensuring their children have access to quality, affordable, and reliable childcare. Join Arlington Thrive’s Childcare Campaign today and make a lasting impact!


Arlington Thrive is on a mission to empower low-income families in Arlington, Virginia, by providing accessible and affordable childcare. Through the dedication of our Childcare Coordinator and your generous support, we can bridge the financial gap and ensure that all families have access to quality care. Join us in making a difference by donating to Thrive and spreading the word about the importance of accessible childcare. Together, we can create a community where every child has the opportunity to thrive.

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