Childcare professional engaging a toddlerWelcome to Week 1 of Arlington Thrive’s Childcare Awareness Month Campaign! This week, we focus on “Empowering Childcare Providers” and highlighting the essential role they play in supporting low-income families. Join us as we explore how Arlington Thrive’s Childcare Coordinator, Javairia Henry, assists providers through the subsidy acceptance process, helps families access subsidy assistance, and facilitates successful matches between providers and families.

Assisting Childcare Providers with Subsidy Acceptance

Our dedicated Childcare Coordinator plays a crucial role in supporting childcare providers through the subsidy acceptance process. She guides providers step-by-step, ensuring they understand the requirements and necessary documentation. By simplifying the process, providers can seamlessly accept subsidies, enabling them to offer affordable childcare slots to families in need.

Useful Tip: Check out this resource on becoming a subsidy vendor to gain valuable insights and practical guidance.

Filing Eligibility Paperwork for Childcare Subsidies

QR code to donate nowOur Childcare Coordinator assists families in navigating the paperwork required for childcare subsidy eligibility. She offers personalized support, ensuring families understand the documentation needed and helping them complete the process accurately. By streamlining the paperwork, our coordinator makes accessing subsidy assistance easier for low-income families.

Useful Tip: Explore this resource on “Applying for Childcare Subsidy and Services” for detailed information and assistance with eligibility paperwork.

Matching Families with Providers

Our Childcare Coordinator takes great care in matching families with providers that align with their specific needs. This includes considering linguistic requirements, convenient locations, and suitable schedules. By facilitating successful matches, Arlington Thrive ensures that families receive quality childcare that meets their unique circumstances.

Useful Tip: Discover this resource “Look, Listen, and Ask: Choosing Quality Childcare Tip Sheets” to find valuable tips on selecting the ideal provider for your childcare needs.

You can make a difference and support Arlington Thrive’s Childcare Program in various ways:

Donate: Your generous donations can help bridge the financial gap for families in need of affordable childcare. Contribute to Thrive donor funds today.

Offer Expertise: If you have knowledge or experience in childcare subsidies or related fields, share your expertise with Arlington Thrive to improve and streamline the process further.

Remember, by supporting childcare providers and subsidy assistance, you contribute to creating a community where all families can access reliable and affordable childcare.


With support from our Childcare Coordinator, providers can navigate the subsidy acceptance process, families can access essential subsidy assistance, and successful matches can be made. Together, let’s celebrate the important work of childcare providers and work towards creating a community where affordable and reliable childcare is accessible to all. Join us in supporting Arlington Thrive’s Childcare Program.  Together, we can have a lasting impact on the lives of low-income families and their children.