In the heart of Arlington, Arlington Thrive’s comprehensive services provide hope for neighbors facing financial crises. As our community confronts the challenge of rising living costs, Arlington Thrive stands as a pillar of support, offering a range of vital services to help residents navigate the complexities of life. Through our Community Navigator Program, we are dedicated to fostering holistic care and empowering individuals to thrive in the face of adversity.

Our Community Navigator prioritizes families’ individual needs and responds with tailored support. They provide short-term case management, financial counseling, and guidance to enhance clients’ earning capacity. By empowering individuals to budget effectively, save money, and improve their financial situation, the Community Navigator plays a crucial role in their family’s journey towards long-term stability.

Arlington, like many other communities across the nation, has witnessed a significant surge in the costs of childcare. According to a recent study, parents are spending nearly 16% of their income on childcare – that’s an average annual cost of $25,000.  Through partnerships with local childcare providers, we help families access affordable care, enabling parents to work or pursue educational opportunities without compromising the well-being of their children.

Life’s challenges often come unannounced, and Arlington Thrive stands ready to provide short-term support to those facing immediate crises, like Juana. A mother of 4, and one on the way, she faced financial turmoil after the sudden loss of her partner. Despite holding down a steady job, she found herself on the brink of eviction. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Arlington Thrive’s Community Navigator and collaborative support from local resources, pledges were made to halt the eviction, allowing Juana and her children to remain in their home.

As families journey through life’s complexities, Arlington Thrive lights the way, demonstrating that by supporting one another, we can overcome obstacles and build a thriving community for all.

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