aromatherapyWelcome to Week 2 of our Mental Health Awareness Month campaign. This week’s theme is all about how your home environment can affect your mental health. Did you know that your surroundings can have an impact on your mood, stress levels, and overall well-being? In this post, we’ll explore how you can create a supportive and calming space in your home to promote better mental health.

Tips for Creating a Calming Home Environment

  1. Declutter and Simplify.  A cluttered and disorganized space can create stress. Take some time to declutter your home and simplify your belongings.
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  1. Use Soothing Colors: Colors can have a powerful effect on your emotions. Consider using calming shades like blue, green, or lavender in your home decor.  
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     Color Psychology: Does It Affect How You Feel?.
  1. Let in Natural Light: Exposure to natural light can boost your mood and energy levels. Make sure your home has plenty of natural light by opening curtains and blinds during the day.  
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     8 ways to bring more natural light into your home.
  1. Create a Cozy Space: Surrounding yourself with soft textures and cozy blankets can create a sense of comfort and safety in your home.  
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    How do I make my room cozy on a budget? Inspiration from designers.
  1. Incorporate Plants: Plants can improve air quality and bring a sense of calm to your space. Consider adding some low-maintenance plants like succulents or snake plants to your home.  
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    20 Best Plants for Cleaning Indoor Air.
  1. Minimize Noise: Loud and constant noise can be a source of stress and anxiety. Take steps to minimize noise in your home, such as using noise-cancelling headphones or adding sound-absorbing materials to your walls.  
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    How To Reduce Ambient Noise at Home, Inside and Out.
  1. Personalize Your Space: Creating a space that reflects your personality and interests can help you feel more at home and relaxed. Display photos, artwork, and items that bring you joy and inspiration.  
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     How to Personalize Your Apartment on the Cheap.

Creating a supportive and calming home environment can promote better mental health. Follow these tips and find more resources for thriving in safe and supportive housing in our other Mental Health Awareness month posts about thriving in safe and supportive housing.

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